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 Follow These Steps to Achieve Damage Waiver Success

 After nearly 10 years of offering damage waivers at Busylad Rent-All in Tupelo, Miss., the company’s president, Buddy Stubbs, says, “There’s no reason in my mind not to charge a damage waiver.”   Like others, Stubbs and his employees had some doubts about damage waivers

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Marijuana & Employment Law : Dazed & Confused

  An equipment industry client asked the following question: Can my employees use marijuana? If so, when, where, and what can I do about it? Generally: the answer depends largely on where and for whom you are working.   LEGALITY:   FEDERAL LAW: Marijuana use

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The Case for a Bill of Sale

  Question: I sell new and used equipment. I usually don’t have buyers sign a separate contract or bill of sale because I have a provision in my rental contract that I believe covers sales. Is that enough or is there some reason I need

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Buying Assets or Equity

Question: I’m considering buying a competing equipment dealership. I’m being told that I should buy the assets rather than the equity of the target business because, if I do that, my company won’t assume any of the seller’s liabilities. Is that true?   Answer: For most business

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Enforcing Payment for Goods, Services and Rentals

  Question: I’ve rented and sold equipment to a customer for construction work, but I haven’t been paid. Can I file a mechanic’s lien on my own to get the money I’m owed?   Answer: Yes, but the requirements are highly technical and strict. If you miss

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